Adrienne Chin-Ogilve: How to be a family role model for the next generation

August 14, 2014 - 9:32 am in Broward People News

Team Chin-ternet was born during our huge family Thanksgiving dinner 2013.

I was eating a turkey leg with my first cousins Jason and Gary when I suggested a co-ed family triathlon relay with me as the one mile ocean swimmer, Gary as the cyclist and Jason as the 10K runner.

I knew about the South Beach Triathlon five months away. All the money raised goes to St Jude’s, a Memphis hospital for very sick kids. The hospital relies on donations and parents never get a bill. I am an emergency nurse at Memorial Regional Hospital. It was important for me to be part of that.

We plunked down the $275 entry fee and began emailing our daily progress to the whole family and got everyone involved.

I am 53, the oldest on the team and doing a family athletic event was a bucket list thing for me. It is exciting to do a project like this as a family and in the process get closer with each other.

The kids are paying attention to us too. They see that there are things family members can do besides overeat and get fat. They see the older generation having fun.

We are going to wear our 2013 family reunion shirts during the race and the family members watching us are going to wear them too. I will swim, pass the chip to Gary and Gary will pass it to Jason. We are counting on the kids in the family to bond with each other through sports so we are setting an example for them.

Lots of our big Jamaican family lives in South Florida. I moved here in 1983 when my cousins were very young so I didn’t know them well until now. We don’t see each other much because of work and family obligations but we communicate on line every day. I work nights at the hospital so I swim at noon. Jason is an accountant and Gary works for Delta Airlines. They workout early mornings and evenings. Right now we are basking in the glow of being the stars of the Chin family for the April 6 extravaganza.


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