Annie Oviedo: This asphalt slab makes cash

April 14, 2015 - 9:24 am in Broward People News

I run the parking lot just south of the Broward County Judicial Complex. People are always going there or to offices surrounding it. Every day I think about how this empty asphalt slab makes money.

I have worked in parking lots since 2008. Morning parking is $8, afternoon, $5, late afternoon, $3 and $10 on Monday or a Thursday because that is when the courthouse is busiest.

I am also a web design student at the Fort Lauderdale Art Institute. i am going to call in sick this Friday and work on my websites. I am doing websites as a school project for a few of the lawyers who park in our lot. It is a big deal for me to take this Friday off because I won’t get paid.

I am almost 45 years old so I am getting a late start in things. A long time ago, my mother told me not to drop out of high school. She told me to get an education and I did not listen to her. I tell her all the time that she was right.

One of the advantages of being in school now is that I am mature enough to know how important it is. I have an exciting future. I like working the parking lot because I am outside. Cold rain is the only thing that bothers me. I don’t mind the heat. The same people park here all the time and many of them are now my friends.

I don’t have much free time now with school and work. I am from San Juan Puerto Rico but South Florida is my home. I speak Spanish and English and that is going to help me too. I love living here.


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