Ben Nahabedian: 42″ Samsung TV? $50!

ben n
August 14, 2014 - 9:55 am in Broward People News

See those pickup trucks and SUV’s parked on NE 30th Court? That’s my “cash only” entourage waiting for me to open this house. It will be demolished Tuesday. They will harvest everything the original builder put in there, the drywall, the doors, a toilet or two, brick pavers on the patio all for pennies on the dollar.

Todays halo item is the 25-foot Japanese fern on the front lawn. A landscape company is bringing excavating shovels to dig it out and resell it to someone who wants a mature tree. This house has ceiling speakers that I am asking $25 a piece for but I will take $10. I’ve got to clear this place out before the bulldozers arrive. The owners had to leave that 42-inch Samsung television. I will let it go for $50.

I love to see things recycled and used. It is environmentally responsible. It bothers me if I see a good butcher block kitchen countertop go to waste and that happens all the time.

You never know what people will want to take from a home. After Hurricane Wilma, roof materials were scarce so my demolition homes were a great resource for building materials.”

I am invested in the people that come to my sales. I will find out what they are looking for and call them when I find it.

Many have become my friends.


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