Bradford Cohen: I never left here after law school

June 7, 2016 - 7:32 pm in Broward People News

“I am a Donald Trump supporter with a seven-by-20-foot campaign sign in front of my SE 3rd Avenue law office.

Lots of people say they don’t support Trump but they secretly do. His supporters are coming from somewhere. I think he is a terrific negotiator and will make a good president.

I know Donald Trump. I stayed in touch with him during the 12 years since I was on his television show, The Apprentice. We get together when he comes to Broward, he is more than an acquaintance.

I know his sons Donny and Eric, too. If he is our next president, then maybe there is an ambassador job for me.

My touch of temporary fame from being on ‘The Apprentice’ inspired me to run for Fort Lauderdale City Council in 2004 and I almost won. The experience also helped me be a legal expert for Nancy Grace, CNN, NBC, Court TV and Fox News.

If I am working for Trump I might have to temporarily move out of Broward.

I would rather not. I like it here.

Trump is an entertaining person to know and Broward is an entertaining place to live.

I am fascinated with this place.

I laugh when i think about some of the things that go on here. Take Scott Rothstein, for instance. Back in 2008, we essentially had a 40-year-old lawyer who was buying Bugatti’s, Rolexes and waterfront mansions like the rest of us buy groceries. People who have lived here since 441 was the edge of the Everglades were stunned. Who was this flashy guy with a cigar hanging out of his mouth? It was all a caricature. It had every nouveau-riche guy cliche, the neon-smiling tubby guy with the Barbie Doll wife, his “always-on-the-society-page” lifestyle, the picture of him with his arm around Governor Charlie Crist, then the ultimate takedown.

It was daily entertainment.

But not all of our entertainment is tawdry. I have always been a big fan of our NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale. My favorite exhibit was the Discovery of King Tut. I was amazed that his tomb was still intact when they discovered it in 1922. C’mon! He was born in 1341!!!

Broward County still has a small town feel to me. I always see people who I know when I go out to dinner or walk around Las Olas Blvd. I like that Broward is not glitzy like Miami Beach. You don’t need to spend $50 here to get a great lunch. Go over to Smoke BBQ at 3351 NE 32nd Street and get the smoked pastrami. It is not to be believed. While I am on the subject of restaurants, another favorite is Kitchenetta at 2850 N. Federal Highway. I have never tasted fried chicken that good. They put some kind of spice in that coating that I just have not figured out. Then there is Kim’s Alley in the Gateway Plaza, a genuine, dimly lit dive bar that has been around for over 60 years. ‘Everyone’s Bar Everyday ‘is their tagline. Fabulous! Even retired NBA basketball player Dennis “the worm” Rodman has been seen there.

I came to Broward from Springfield, Massachusetts for law school at Nova Southeastern. That was 25 years ago. I made contacts and friends and l never left. It is really good living here. Some of the best things to do here do not cost money. Going for a bicycle ride, walking along the beach, fishing. My favorite beach is Deerfield Beach because the parking and accessibility is so convenient. People pay hundreds of dollars a day just to come visit here and do the things we can do every day.

My fantasy is that I’ll come back here after I am done working for President Trump..

Can you see it? Ambassador Bradford Cohen. That has a good ring to it.”


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