Carl Hatton: Me, my dad and my brother

August 14, 2014 - 9:43 am in Broward People News

Before I was Judge John Jay Hurley’s court deputy, I used to work at the Broward Correctional for women on US 27 and Griffin Road.  While I was working there an inmate took off her bra and tried to hang herself.

She put her bra was around her neck and she would have died like that.

I worked nights over there and when I came to work that day I heard a lot of screaming. I was ordered to go over to where the commotion was and I was one of the people who saved her.

The bra was around her neck and her head was between the cups.

I got her down.

She was ok after.

This is an all women’s prison and sometimes the women had their clothes off.

My father didn’t understand what it was really like for me to work there and he thought I had a cool job.

I had to explain it to him why it wasn’t that way.

I don’t know what crime that woman did to be in Broward Correctional and I don’t know why she tried to hang herself.

I am sad today because my older brother just died. His passing reminds me of a story about us.

When I left my lousy marriage I move to Tampa to play the drums at Busch Gardens. I had been in the FAMU band and lots of us took jobs like this.  It’s the reason my hearing today is not good.

One time I came home while visiting my brother I showed him a picture of me at my new job.

‘You left your wife to go to Tampa and play drums for animals? Get out of my house,’ he said.

I thought he was joking. Then I saw him get his shotgun.

We never were very close.”





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