Charles Flynn: A glimpse of no-frills waterfront living

charles f
January 14, 2014 - 9:49 am in Broward People News

I am homeless. I sleep under the S.E. 3rd Avenue bridge that goes over the New River. The FBI knows I am there. They contacted my mother and she sends me things that I need. I used to work as a clerk at Shearson Lehman in Manhattan.  I have been in Broward 18 years.

I keep a spiral notebook  with me. When people give me books I write down the parts I like in my notebook. I like what the church books say about honesty and humility.

A couple of weeks ago, I found a black zippered bag in front of the courthouse.  An iPad was inside with a WPLG-10 sticker on the bottom. The media people who come to the courthouse every day helped me find the owner, reporter Bob Norman. He was doing a story at the courthouse and forgot his bag. He thought it was lost forever.

Bob came to the courthouse to find me, get his iPad back and then do a news story about me. He told me that the iPad cost $500.  Returning the iPad to him was the right thing to do.

I never saw his story because I don’t have a television.


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