John Contini: Why I have to be outdoors: I feel incarcerated inside.

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August 14, 2014 - 9:46 am in Broward People News

Let’s say that you’re in a legal jam and someone you trust refers you to John Contini: 30 years experience as a lawyer, author of two books about his well-known cases, compelling public speaker, distance runner, charmer, you get the picture.

Contini will tell you that, “A great thing about being a lawyer for so long is that my anxiety level is low. I know how to deal with stress,” he said.

But this about your legal woes.

You need John.

And he needs you. John will talk to you immediately when you call him and then meet with you late morning. That way, he will have already done his 6-mile beach run, prayed during his run and cleaned up after his run. He will have already settled in to his Zen Master peaceful demeanor. He knows that you will absorb his peacefulness: it is part of the help you will get from him.

Be prepared to meet in an outdoor cafe, not in his office. Actually, no one ever wants to meet in his office anyway; they would rather share some coffee. “Clients are immediately disarmed by my doing business this way, “ he said.

For John, being able to work like this is a salient feature of living in Fort Lauderdale. The beach running path, the outdoor cafes and the courthouse are all near each other.

John really has little reason to use an office. Anything he might need is already organized in the trunk of his car.

“I give clients peace. They know that I am going to take care of them. To do this I must have the freedom to be spontaneous. I must be out in the fresh air

It is as if I have deluded myself in to thinking that practicing law is not really work.”


Updated story 9/23/2015: John Contini: From second chance to circuit judge


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