Kathleen Otwell: Advice from a new mom

August 14, 2014 - 9:36 am in Broward People News

My daughter Bella goes to sleep at 11pm.


Babies go to sleep early and get up early, right? Isn’t that they way it’s supposed to be?

Not here.

Dad works a late shift and was missing out on Bella’s bubble gum scented bubble bath and the nightly serenade of Christmas songs, especially Silent Night. He was missing the thrill of seeing her in her crib holding her glow in the dark seahorse.

When we decided that Bella had to accommodate our schedule, this is what happened:

First we had some awful nights where Bella cried herself to sleep but those got shorter. Then Bella started sleeping a straight 12 hours. Since we made the shift she wakes up smiling at 11am and I wake up well rested.

This wasn’t an easy decision. Well meaning family and friends will always try to talk you out of any decisions you make with babies. You’ll want to listen because they have already had babies.

New moms: Gather up your confidence and do what works for you. Your baby will be happier. You will get a full night’s sleep. You will be tempted to change and go along them but don’t. I enjoy being a mom so much more now that I have made this change.

Trust yourself.

Do things your way.


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