Katrina Jones: Get good training. Avoid costly mistakes

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January 21, 2016 - 11:15 pm in Broward People News

In just a few weeks, people who want to be business owners are getting a place to learn how. Satari Life Skills Institute at 4987 N. University Drive will offer a core set of classes and become an important Lauderhill resource.

It’s founder, Katrina Jones, explains why:

“Satari is going to fill the niche for people who have the desire to own businesses and are wise enough to know they need to learn business skills.

Janet McCall, a full-time customer service worker wants to open a nail salon. An engine repair guy who has worked for others since high school wants his own business and so does swimming pool cleaner Clyde Martin.

Clyde Martin cleans residential swimming pools. He came to our workshops because although he knows how to clean and balance pool chemicals, he did not know how to get more customers or how to deal with difficult ones he already has. He was concerned that he could not afford to buy the truck he needed so we showed him how to reorganize his budget. When Clyde left us, he had a solid business foundation.

I am working now with Maggy Rendier. She wants to start a non-profit resource and transition center for people coming out of prison. She has the desire and the compassion to do the work so we have been showing Maggy how to do a business plan that includes getting to the right contacts. Now she is involved in her community leadership groups and goes to events where government officials, law enforcement, pastors, judges and lawyers are speaking.

Teachers at Satari Life Skills have extensive experience and training. PhD candidate and certified life coach Jones got five of her business associates to join her in forming this school.

One of the first things students will get is a checklist of all the things they will need to know before they open their businesses. They will learn how use their own community for business contacts, how to balance family life and work, how to prepare for tax season, how to organize receipts, how to handle customers and how to make and follow a business plan.

Learning how to start a new business the right way will save you time and money. People often join chambers of commerce groups thinking they will learn what to do there. Those groups are for after you learn what to do.

We will follow up with our students for six months after they leave us. They are also able to hire instructors as contractors for consultation as needed.

Satari Life Skills Institute’s five core classes will have no more than 10 participants per class and custom programs start at under $100.
This summer Satari will be adding classes on starting non-profit organizations.

The payoff for me is this: When we help form new businesses, we get to see people reach their goals and contribute to their communities.”

*quote used is Michael Altschuler


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