Kristin Volz: After I lost 100 pounds

August 14, 2014 - 9:57 am in Broward People News

CITY: Plantation

“100 pounds ago, I wasn’t taken seriously as an athlete. I am now.”

I knew this visit to the Lucky Brand store at the Galleria Mall would be different. The woman in the mirror is me, Kristin Volz, 4th and 5th grade teacher zipping up a pair of skinny jeans.

I can still hear the sound of the zipper gliding up.

I lost 100 pounds. I can shop in any store now.

I did the HCG diet, 500-800 calories a day with a supplement injections for 40 days, then back to regular but controlled eating for another 40 days.

I have done this cycle 5 times and I am going after that last 20 pounds.

The beginning of the journey was the hardest because no one took me seriously. I had quit so many times. Diet beginnings are always hard because you are hungry and have no noticeable weight loss.

Even so, I knew I was ready to do it. I was armed with strong support from fellow athletes and Costco size boxes of sugar-free Wrigley mint-mojito gum.

It was a picture that I saw of myself at the USMS National Swim Meet in Indianapolis that convinced me that it was time.

People see you differently when you are leaner.

I think about every single thing I eat, how big the portion is and never, ever have the wrong things in my refrigerator.


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