Lisa Forman: Best fashion accessory is attitude

August 9, 2016 - 8:52 pm in Broward People News

I dressed funky and elegant at my sister Patty’s wedding.

Not so funky that I bordered on ghetto and not so elegant that I bordered on stuffy. My clothes were actually secondary because I wore my best fashion accessory:  Attitude.

I can pull off looks that other women can’t because I am confident. I am going to stand out in a crowd no matter what because I am a six feet tall. Since people are always going to look at me, they may as well see something good.

I love big hair and high heeled boots but I have to be careful not to look overwhelming. No one but me knows if I am wearing my natural hair or my wigs. I have eight of them!

You see how raggedy most people look? Do they interest you?

Not me.

I love to think about where I am going then I plan what to wear. Am I classy tonight with flat sandals, silk pants and a halter top? Am I edgy with a dress and short boots? Will I be walking around? Will I be outside in the heat?

Attitude and confidence have nothing to do with perfect bodies or expensive clothes.  It is all in the way you carry yourself.

I was comfortable for the June outdoor wedding at Deerfield Beach Country Club. Dressing up is fun.

Style is about creatively putting together pieces you already own and then having your nails done, a fresh pedicure, lipstick and powder.

Always carry powder.

Always carry attitude.


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