Sebastian Cotrone: Paradise to this guy

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April 23, 2015 - 9:27 am in Broward People News

On my boat, in the ocean, with my friends, 2 buckets of bait and 90‘s grunge music:

Nothing is better.

When I was a kid, fishing is how I learned to relax. I don’t care about going on airplanes to other places. Sometimes we stay on the boat for the entire weekend. We put on the music and wait for the fish to bite. We don’t talk a lot. We just fish.

Swordfish is 18 to 20 miles out. Snapper, grouper and amberjack are 2 miles out.

I have a satellite phone for when we are out of cellphone range. We rely on the GPS and revisit places we have caught fish before. Sometimes we anchor in the ocean.

My brother John smokes cigars and gets ashes all over the boat.

When we return to the dock we clean and filet the fish on a fish table. I cook it with olive oil, salt and pepper.

Women are so different. They would talk the whole time and know everything about each other after a weekend together.

We just fish.


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